Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So you all probably know that I am a tattoo lover.

Some people either hate them or love them.

Want them, or don't!!

For me and Dallin, eache and every tattoo has a story to be told!!

This a picture of Dallins Grandpa!!

Here is the tattoo he got a few years after he passed away!!

It looks so amazing. Every detail is to the dime.

And once we get some more $$$$ he will be adding his grandma to the other arm!!!

This is my tattoo I got a few months ago. Me and Dallin promised on our 5th anniversary
we would get tattoos done for eachother. Well it has now been 8 years, and finally got our tattoos!! Mine is of 5 Geese for each member of my family.

Dallin got 5 Ducks on his arms. Sorry no picture!!
Dallin is a big hunter, hunts anything he can draw out for or get!!!
So we figured wildlife would fit perfect for our personalities!!
I have no regrets for any of my tattoo's.
Well I guess the one on my lower back that now has some sweet stretch marks.
The joys of having kids!!!

Head over to this awesome blog I recently found:
A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers
There she has an awesome linky up of all sorts of tattoos!!


Michelle P said...

I love these!

Alyssa said...

I would be so scared to get something that big! I don't think I could take that much pain haha!

Alicia Seeley said...

Alyssa~ You are to cute!!!There was definently some pain!! But it was totally worth it.

Amie said...

Oh my gosh, your husband's tattoo is AMAZING! I would be so scared to get something so intricate in case it turned out bad!

Raven said...

um, so your husbands tattoo is AWESOME! That was done so well!!! And I l.o.v.e. yours. I love birds (obviously) and love what yours means. Super cool!!