Saturday, February 25, 2012

Technical Difficulties + Another Giveaway Item

As a newbie to all this bloggy stuff, I somehow lost my blog!!
I signed-in and the page said  "blog not found" I was freaking out. And right when that happened I was getting ready to leave for a mini-getaway!! 
( that post will come soon) 
So after messing around today, I finally found it and got it back up and running!!!

So to apologize for not being able to enter my giveaway, I decided adding another item/winner should make up for it!!!

Here is this beautiful black leather bracelet up for grabs as well!!


I will also extend the giveaway until March 1st, since you all lost a day to enter!! 
There will be 2 winners!!!
 If you want to know how to enter read the post right below!!!

Good luck, and thanks for your patience!!!

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