Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Swap Reveal- Our Bags

Yesterday we received our package in the mail from Kim and her family!! 
This was a fun thing to do. We each get to make a Easter bag for everyone, and send handmade, or store bought items along with this. 
I think she might have forgot that we were doing each other, so only my kids received a bag.
But, whatever!! 
(I know that sound kinda greedy, but not intended)
My kids were just excited to get something in the mail!!! 

Here is are the bags ready to be opened!!!

Braydon and Easton deciding what bag they want!!!!
Pick little men!! :)

Braydon picked his bag.

Easton is a dirt ball. 
Playing in the dirt all day, and I am not even sure what kind of face he is making!!!
Crazy kid!!

Here are the goodies!!!
Stickers, swirly straw, pencil, candy filled eggs, and Crazy bones!!
and a cute homemade easter egg soap filled with a fun little bug!!

Each and every bag was filled with the same thing.

Hazard did not car to much for any of it, just the candy!!
Again, not sure what this child is doing. Maybe showing me his muscles.

Here are the soaps they made. this one has a caterpillar in side. They are super cute!!

As soon as she confirms she received my box of goodies, I will post what we sent.
I am pretty sure I went over board on her!!! 
But hey, kids deserve to get a little spoiled!!! :)


4you-withlove said...


Kelly said...

Hahaha!! Ian does this stomach thing where he sucks in his stomach and pushes it out really fast! He calls it the belly roll! Hehehe! Boys!

Alicia Seeley said...

That's funny!! Easton does that ans says his ribs are his muscles!!!